Luxembourg Companies Law 4: carry out the formalities related to financial flows (financing and distributions)

Injecting capital and distributing available funds

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Code : GE2107002EN

Public / Target Audience : In-house lawyers, independent directors, accountants, domiciliary agents, anyone wishing to update their knowledge

Niveau / Level : Perfectionnement / Advanced, Expertise / Expert

Modalités / Organisational mode : Distance learning and in person

Durée / Duration : 7 hours

Objectifs / Objectives :

  • Focus on securities and other instruments that SAs and SARLs may issue in exchange for capital contributions
  • Understanding the legal formalities to be carried out in the context of corporate financial flows

Module 11: types of contributions 

  • Contribution in cash
  • Contribution in kind
  • Contribution of services (sweat shares)

Module 12: company issued securities 

  • Ordinary shares and shares with different nominal values
  • Share premium and account 115
  • Classes of shares, tracking shares, redeemable shares, sweat shares, beneficiary shares
  • Bonds from debenture loans: purpose, legal regime, bondholders rights, extension of the regime

Module 13: implementing capital transactions 

  • Share capital increase by the general meeting
  • Share capital under the authorised share capital
  • Capital contribution by the offsetting of receivables
  • Capital contribution in the 115 account
  • Capital contribution by the incorporation of reserves, profits or share premiums and assimilated premiums

Module 14: distributions 

  • Distributing dividends and redeeming shares
  • Carrying out capital reductions and partial liquidation transactions
  • Returning share premium and similar premiums

Practical exercise: interim dividend distribution


Familiar with Luxembourg business law or legal background

Acquired skills

These modules will provide you with the necessary basis with respect to:

  • the equity and other securities that capital companies may issue
  • the legal formalities and documents for injecting fresh money in the company and
  • the formalities and legal documents for exiting a shareholder and generally repatriate the available funds


Patrick Lestienne
Attorney at Law in Luxembourg

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