Luxembourg Companies Law 3: exercising decision-making powers and corporate supervision

Focus on management and supervision of an SA and an SARL

560,00 HTVA

Code : GE2107001EN

Public / Target Audience : In-house lawyers, independent directors, accountants, domiciliary agents, anyone wishing to update their knowledge

Niveau / Level : Perfectionnement / Advanced, Expertise / Expert

Modalités / Organisational mode : Distance learning and in person

Durée / Duration : 7 hours

Objectifs / Objectives :

  • Understanding and mastering the corporate bodies in an SA and an SARL (2nd session)
  • Focus on the management and the supervision of the company
  • Role of the corporate bodies in relation to the annual accounts

Module 7: management body (SA, SARL) 

  • Status of company directors: appointment, personal rights, end of mandate, de facto director
  • Decision-making process: principles, board of directors (SA), managers or board (SARL), confidentiality, conflicts of interest
  • Powers and duties of company directors: management powers, representative body, other specific powers and duties
  • Delegation of powers: management committee or CEO (SA), specialised committees, day-to-day management, special mandates/powers of attorney
  • Directors’ liability (civil, criminal, bankruptcy, etc.) and limitation of liability

Module 8: corporate supervision 

  • Supervision by the internal auditor, external auditor or the shareholders/partners themselves
  • Internal auditor (“commissaire”) (status, powers and liability)
  • external auditor (“réviseur d’entreprises agréé”) (status, powers and liability)

Module 9: annual accounts 

  • Applicable laws and relevant documents
  • Preparation of the annual accounts
  • Procedure for approving the accounts
  • Disclosure formalities

EXTRA – Module 10: stand alone v/ group interest 

  • Governance of company group subsidiaries
  • Interest of the group in regard to the Rozenblum doctrine
  • The X Principles of Corporate Governance of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange


Familiar with Luxembourg business law or legal background

Acquired skills

These modules will provide you with the necessary basis with respect to:

  • the actions that the management body can perform and delegate
  • the organisation and conduct of the meetings of the board of directors / board of managers
  • the person in charge of the supervision of the company and his/her powers
  • the preparation, control, approval and publication of the annual accounts, and
  • the understanding of the company’s corporate interest


Patrick Lestienne
Attorney at Law in Luxembourg

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